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Entering the App Market

Finally after a lot of work, my partner Jim (SparkHD) and I got our first few apps up and running on the app store. The idea: Give fitness and health training videos for busy people in th mobile world. The Product: 10 and 20 minute short-form videos for your iPhone and iPad so you can […]

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The Linkup

I really had a great time making this ultra-low budget ducumentary in Yosemite a few years ago.  It’s been on the shelf for a while, but I randomly watched it the other day and it brought back some great memories. Follow Nate Ballinger as he climbs the 32 pitch 5.11 A2 nose of EL Capitan […]

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Movie Pitch concepts

What better way to wrap up a movie pitch (literally) than with a nice scroll. I’ve always been into the concept that a scroll can do a few things. 1) get people to stand up. 2) make an impression 3) crush the idea that every pitch needs a one-pager. Just getting someone out of their […]

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Working for the Wife

But I did however make a great looking website for my better half and her company. And, hey, I finally found a use for the bench she “had to have” a few years ago! I really like the little western flare and the bride, seemingly lost about what to do with her wedding.

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