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Hotel Terra

by: trey

This was a nice and easy shoot in Jackson Hole WY.  Hotel Terra wanted a band video that showcased the feeling of this upscale resort, and not just the brick and mortar shots.  Shot in two days with a red epic mostly off the shoulder.

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The ME Cancun wanted this video to be sexy and fun, keeping in stride with their market demographic.  NEARING TEN MILLION VIEWS on youtube alone, I’d say we did a pretty good job!  Client: SparkHD

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blunt copy

James Blunt came to Jackson a few weeks ago to shoot his new music video for the song “Bonfire Heart.”  I had the pleasure of shooting B-Cam and woking with some great crew from London and LA.  Check it out!

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I recently took a week long gig in New Orleans and decided to head over to Baton Rouge LA for a day to see the studios and shake some hands.  This little town has recently been infiltrated with productions mostly due to the impressive tax benefits of the state.  One person I had the pleasure of meeting was a guy named Richie Adams from River...

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